Yesterday evening was quite interesting around here as my new cat went behind the couch in my living room and proceded to give birth to a gaggle of kittens.  Maybe it’s a pride of kittens or a pack or a brake or a troop or a pod or a quiver.  Whatever they’re called there were five kittens this morning.
I guess I kinda’ knew it was coming when mom cat went and hid behind the couch yesterday late afternoon.  I think it was about 6pm when I first heard a little kitten cry.  I was watching the local news and thought it was on TV.  It was about 7pm when I moved the couch forward enough to see that there were two kittens along with mom cat.  Well I checked on them every 45 minutes to an hour and by the time I went to bed there were four of them suckling away on mom.
I awoke at 6am and went to check to see how everyone was doing and lo and behold there was another one.
The first three are orange and white.  The fourth one is tiger striped and number five is black with white feet and a white face.  Everybody wants the black one.
I emailed the above picture to a bunch of folks this morning and so far three of the kittens are spoken for and even if they are not adopted I can take them up to my cousins barn which is where mom cat came from.
So I have the next eight weeks to enjoy a house full of kittens.


Kittens — 3 Comments

  1. Ahhh… very cute – I’m sure the fluff balls are long gone by now. Hope you enjoyed their company.