OK, so I’ve been silent long enough.
It was a long summer with me in hospital and all back in July.  Things are starting to look somewhat but not really normal around here.  Whew, I was worried there for awhile.  The first thing I need to state here is that I HATE WINTER!!!!
There I said it.  I’ve been practicing it for awhile and I think I’m getting pretty good at complaining about winter.  So there’s that and now to some really important stuff……
The PHILLIES are in the World Series!
YES, you read that correctly.  My beloved Phillies won the National League pennant and as of this coming Wednesday (8pm eastern time on Fox) shall begin their total domination as they will defeat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and go on to become the Baseball Champions of the Universe.
I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing back in October of 1993 when Mitch ‘Wild Thing’ Williams threw that infamous pitch to Joe Carter of Toronto and destroyed the hopes and dreams of baseball fans throughout the galaxy.
Anyways back to me.  I am working for a private Investigation firm here in town.  All I can say is that I am working with computers and it’s a pretty cool position, so I’m happy.
I hope you all will be glad to hear that I now have a McCain/Palin sign in my front yard.  Ok enough politics…but just so you know … if by some freak of nature Commissar Barack Hussein Obama actually wins, well that shall sound the death knell of what little freedoms we have.
Personally I am VERY sick and tired of political adverts on my TV.  Geez, I don’t even have cable or satellite or any thing fancy like that.  I get 10 channels of which one is 24/7 weather and two others don’t carry any programs I wish to see.  So even with this limited selection of channels I feel inundated with “Obama the Messiah” and John McCain ads.  Just shut up!  Please!  Shut the fuck up!  Jaysus every time I turn the idiot box on there they are telling us how bad the other is.   SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY TV!!!
How I’m going to vote is my own business and anyways we all already know that Comrade Barack “The Messiah” Hussein Obama is an outright socialist adept at not saying anything is his speeches.  Unfortunately he has some of us duped.  We’ll see what happens come 4 November.



I’m back…spasmotically but back nonetheless — 4 Comments

  1. Were you away?

    Are you seriously voting for that nutcase from Alaska? You realise she will be president when the old fossil kicks it?

  2. Yes Grandad. i was away for a bit but now I’m back, sort of, part time-ish, ya’ know.
    And YES I love Sarah Palin!!!
    She is the antithesis of EVERYONE in Washington DC politics and probably London and Dublin too. She is just a regular everyday working class mom who through being involved in her local government became governor of our largest state (by land mass but I believe it has the fewest people).
    So to answer your question, do I like her, I respond….You Betcha’

  3. Sarah Palin hunts moose, spears catfish, and can strangle a polar bear with her bare hands….One hell of a wooman! 🙂

    Glad to see you back, Brian. Go Phillies!