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    I am outraged

    May 15th, 2008

    I am outraged.  I can barely put into words the trouble I’m having internalizing this.  Apparently a fellow blogger in Dublin Ireland was out with his girlfriend and was accosted by a bunch of thugs who wanted his cash money.  He fought them and kicked the ass of the guy who pulled a knife on him.  Now he is in jail.  Yea, WTF(?) was my reaction to this story also.
    Please excuse my French but HOW THE FUCK did that happen?
    If someone pulls a knife on me they are going to have their liver kicked out and then I’ll testify at their sentencing hearing.
    I really and honestly do not understand the thinking behind this sentence imposed upon this guy.
    Here where I live, in Pennsylvania, USA, if I am accosted and I feel, at that moment, that my, or anyone around me, life is in danger then I have the right to use ANY force needed to foil that attack.
    That makes sense to me.
    I’m sorry but the whole idea of someone defending themselves against attack and then being charged with assault make no sense whatsoever.
    Below you will find the post that this guy wrote just after the incident; in it’s entirety as well as the link to his blog.
    Please comment because, for real, I don’t understand why he is in jail and the scum who pulled a knife on him is out drinking Mangers and robbing other folk.


    Literally. One thing I have never been accused of is being a gentlemean, but if I feel a woman is being threatened, or indeed any friend of mine, regardless of gender, I’ll step in. One swift screw-jab to the temple is normally enough to at least incapacitate the perpetrator, if not outright TKO them.
    So it was with some surprise that I encountered my first fight in several months when Cassie and I were at the Savoy a few nights past … we were out seeing Iron Man – great show, highly recommended – and afterwards we were planning to head to Eddie Rocket’s before getting a taxi back home.
    So we expected no trouble, but passing the GPO three scumbags in white tracksuits appeared.
    ‘Areet bud? Having a good night?’ I responded coolly.
    ‘Yeah, fine so far.’
    We walked on, but clearly the scummers thought to themselves here’s a guy with his girlfriend, easy pickings. What they didn’t know was that I had, like €20 in my pocket. Wasn’t even worth mugging.
    ‘Bud, ya got any change? I just need a few bob.’ Flanked by his homies, he ran ahead of us. I noted they were trying to block us in, and started looking for ways to run. I could throw Cassie over my shoulder and peg it if needs be.
    ‘Ah sorry, can’t help you.’ I saw a flash and to my horror realised the fucker was wielding a wee switchblade.  Shit.
    ‘I wasn’t asking bud. Now hand over that money a’ yours and your pretty little girlfriend won’t get cut up.’
    While it was over in a flash, it happened in seconds, it seemed like a lot longer to me. I analysed the threat; three guys, one definitely armed, no Gardai in sight, the chance I’d get shived for twenty bob … fuck that. I’m not spilling blood for no reason. Not mine anyway. That fucker’s going down.
    ‘Reet man, decision time.’ He took a step towards Cassie. That step was all I needed. I burst towards him, threw my leading hand in to premptively parry a knife strike, and as I parried, I pivoted on my heel and brought my right hand up and literally smashed it into his jaw with the base of my palm. Continuing the strike, I brought my left hand back, smashed that palm into his face, then started in with elbow strikes to the face before finishing him off with a swift knee to the groin. Having dispatched him, I saw his mates try to leg it. As my instructor would say, don’t follow a fight; finish any already started. Looking down at the wheezing form on the ground, I kicked his shiv onto the road, stood over him, and spat on him.
    ‘Shitbag. Did you really fucking think I’d give you heathen scum money?’ Cassie was in pure shock, like nothing had registered since these guys first accosted us. I have to admit, I was running on pure adrenaline too, and later on I collapsed into bed without saying a word when it wore off. That was later though.
    Deciding to finish the fight off, I drew back my knee and slammed it into the side of his head, sending him tumbling, probably unconscious to the ground. I grabbed Cassie’s arm, and with a quick glance to make sure he was on the ground, legged it to a taxi and didn’t say a word until the following morning.
    Few days later a summons arrives for me in the post. Apparently the Alpha Scum caught my name and reported me for assault to the Gardai … next week I have to go to a sitting of the District Court. Dave’s representing me … should be interesting …