Remember skate keys? How about telephone numbers that started with a word? Like KIngswood5-9443.
I was cleaning my office the other week and after removing the bottom drawers from my desk and cleaning out the whatnots that had fallen behind I came across a bunch of old bills and bank statements of the original owners of the house.
I also found this!!!


The date on it is July 23, 1971.  It’s from the ARCO station on the corner of Union Deposit road and East Park drive. It use to be right across East Park drive from the Shell station that is now a Rite-Aid drug store.
With all that said can you believe they sold Hi-test gasoline for the outrageous price of 42.9 cents a gallon!!!
I can remember putting 75 cents worth of gas in my 1966 Fiat 600 and driving around all evening.
Ahhhh, the good old days!


The Good Old Days — 2 Comments

  1. Remember when men were men, no one drank light beer, and certain people weren’t allowed on golf courses?

    Good times indeed.

  2. Hahahahaha! Ok so you might not remember 42 cent a gallon gasoline but I do. Oh and real men don’t drink light beer!