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    It’s a fine time to quit……

    June 21st, 2007

    Well I picked a fine time to quit taking heroin.  What with all the stress I’m under right now I should just go back to huffing paint.  Krylon silver was always my favorite.  It’s just that with the way things are right now I should never have stopped dropping LSD.  I personally think that the events of the world would look better through a purple haze.  Of course I had to give up my old peyote habit too.  The food of the gods with Vegemite and butter, I think, would make things just a little too weird.  That and then I could hang out with Dennis Hopper.  He would probably make more sense then.   Now as typical for me I also picked this time to stop living on seconal and speed.  Ah, those were the days.
    All ya’ needed to do was to pop a few black beauties in the morning and couple of reds at night.  Who needs food…..or the ability to think straight!  What really gets me right now is the fact I also chose this time to stop taking ecstasy every day.  Though I think the decision to stop shooting the Speedball combo of cocaine and heroin directly into my veins may have been a bit premature.  Speaking of cocaine, I also stopped snorting $1000 a day.  Those Columbians I met awhile ago sure didn’t like my decision.  Boy, I just picked a fine time to quit didn’t I?  The PLCB is a bit pissed at me too since I stopped buying 3 bottles of Bourbon a day.  See, they’re all mad at me.  I just picked a fine time to quit.
    Little kids have the right idea.  They just spin around really, really fast and then they fall down laughing.
    Look at all the stuff we have come up with just to attempt to regain that feeling.