I may not be adding new posts for a few days. I have bushes to decapitate and discard and bricks need layed down in fancy patterns. I have to put large Chinese pots in place and window boxes need painted. The aforementioned pots needs to be filled with soil and plants need to be transplanted into said pots. So I’ll be right black, you guys stay white there


Yard Work — 8 Comments

  1. . . . .And when you’ve finished, I have a jet vac pump that needs the electrics replacing, a tree stump removing, whipper snipping the boundary fence, repair the paddock wire and 15 hanging baskets that need repotting please . . . there’s beer and a BBQ in it if you do a good job!

  2. Baino, when I’m finished I have to fix my mower and then I get to re-seed my front lawn.
    Hi Hanulf!!!

  3. May abundant energy and a strong back be with you for your upcoming hard work.


  4. Thanks to you all for your nice thoughts and words. Tomorrow the major surgery should be complete. I have a before pic and I’ll get an after pic and try and put them up as a post.

  5. I’d say enjoy work, only work is never enjoyable. That’s why they call it work. Otherwise it’d be called paid fun.

    Anyway, what’s the best way to call someone a boring, lifeless fucker without using those words?

    I mean a tactful manner?