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    All figured out

    March 29th, 2007

    Well I finally figured it out. algore has been hounding us about global warming and I now know why! You see he’s not really human. He’s an Evil Snow God from some divergent or parallel universe sent here to enslave us all in a world wide ice age wherein we are all frozen and stored for future use. Yikes!!! The scary thing is that we have yet to discover what that future use is but you know how Evil Snow Gods are. They make large scale conspiratorial plans and then have them carried out by minions!! Yes, Minions!!! I can see it happening already what with the grey haired pony tail set wearing their birkenstocks in winter getting use to chilly feet. See, it’s starting already.
    Now if you don’t believe me then go to any on-line English to Latin translator and type in the word, “cold”. Ha! There you have the last part of the puzzle. The latin word for cold is algor!!! Proof positive that he is an Evil Snow God who has come from beyond to enslave us and freeze us all for his evil purposes.
    I received a note from my friend Kate in Ireland who said,”I looked up the latin word for hot, which seems to be ‘Calidus’. Ireland used to be called ‘Caledonia’ so you’ll be safe here. “. There, you see another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Put that info together with the fact noone has ever seen algore in Galway, Cork,Limerick,Wexford,Easkey or even Cavan. Through all my intensive research on Evil Snow Gods this bit of information falls right in line. There is always either a safe place or a Destruct-O-Ray gun that defeats them and since we haven’t invented a Destruct-O-Ray gun yet Ireland seems to be the logical place.
    Now I know you’re all saying that this sounds far fetched but take this in to account. My friend Kate is actually K8 the Gr8!! You see I’m fairly certain that she is a, “Good- Warm Summer Rain Just Enough To Cool You Off and Have a Pleasent Afternoon Godess”, and we all know that they are the nemisis of Evil Snow Gods, so she would know all about how to defeat Evil Snow Gods.