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    Vernal Equinox

    March 19th, 2007

    I was born during the International Geophysical Year.
    Today is International Earth Day.
    Tomorrow at 00:07 UTC, Zulu, GMT (20:07EDT) is the vernal equinox.  Technically the equinox is on March 21 but it will still be the 20th here when it occurs.
    I do not subscribe to the pseudo-religion of Global Warming.  I think it’s political not scientific.
    I want to get a dog.  What kind should I get?
    My favorite web site to read is still The West Virginia Surf Report and
    Jefferson Davis and
    Dario Sanchez
    The Arse End of Ireland and
    Grannymar and
    Susan Abraham and
    This could go on for awhile so check out the Links I Like on the right.
    I’m going to steal an idea from Dario Sanchez and ask yous’ guys’ to ask me any questions you want to ask.  Be it personal, social, ridiculous, I don’t care.  Put them in the comments section and tomorrow or the next day I’ll write a post answering them.
    Go on, start typing.